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PlayerST is a client library for the Player/Stage robotic device server. This library allows the use of Smalltalk as a client for Player. PlayerST is used in WifiBotST framework.


  • 18 mars 2009 : the source code repository is now publicly available, version 0.1 released. The code is really in alpha state.

Obstacle avoider robot demonstration


  • In order to run PlayerST, you need to install Player 2.1.2 and Stage 2.1.1 on your platform
  • The PlayerST One-Click Experience is the easiest way to get started with PlayerST. The bundle contains a prepackaged version of PlayerST for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. If you are new to Smalltalk, we suggest to use this package. Download the zip-archive, extract it and double-click on the executable of your platform. Last version :
  • If you want to use your own image, use a Pharo Smalltalk image > 10238 and the Monticello source code repository :
  • If you want to follow the PlayerST versions release, subscribe to this RSS feed :

PlayerST has been developed by the research team MSI (located in the IFI, Hanoi, and part of the IRD/UPMC International Research Unit UMMISCO) and IA department of Ecole des Mines de Douai. This software is available under the open-source MIT licence.