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I graduated in artificial intelligence from the University of Paris 6 (France) in 1990. I received my Ph.D. degree (MAS for problem solving and simulation) from it in 1993. Recruited in 1995 as an associate professor in the LAFORIA laboratory, I became full professor in the LIP6 laboratory in 2000. Please have a look at this (old and not maintained anymore) page for more information about what I was doing at that time.

In 2004, I joined the IRD (French Research Institute for Development Aid) as a Senior Researcher, in a team called Geodes, composed of mathematicians and computer scientists. Building upon previous relationships established with the IFI (French-speaking Institute for Computer Science, Hanoi, Vietnam) while I was a professor, I participated to the creation of the MSI research team, dedicated to computer modeling and simulation (team associated to the IRD and composed of professors from the AUF and researchers from the IRD). I live and work in Hanoi since Mars 2007, and my work focuses on individual based simulation of complex systems (GAMA platform) and the use of self-organized, distributed, robotic systems for the observation of disasters (AROUND project).

The Geodes unit has since become an international research unit (named UMMISCO), with centers in Morocco, Cameroon, Senegal, France, and Vietnam (this latter being MSI).


(coming soon -- waiting for the UMMISCO website to be established)


(coming soon -- waiting for the UMMISCO website to be established)


Some of my latest presentations/slides can be found on this page.


I give lectures on agent-based modeling and simulation to the Master classes of the IFI and other institutions in Vietnam (like the University of Can Tho).